Family Assisted Living

        Timothy J Millar PT

        Welcome!  It has long been my dream to own and operate a small, residential assisted living where residents and their families receive the individual attention that they deserve.  So, in late 2008 with help from many friends, my wife, Dawn, and I opened Family Assisted Living.  I am the Administrator and one of the caregivers at the home. 

    Dawn Millar PT

    Dawn is my wife of 17 years, is also a Physical Therapist, and is primarily responsible for meal planning and decorating the home.  She loves to cook and therefore has books and books of tasty recipes.  Dawn is also one of the caregivers, and shares my passion for providing individualized care to the elderly.

        Karen Teter RN

    Karen is one of the caregivers at the home and also happens to be Dawn's Mom.  She has been an RN for many years and has made the transition from OB/GYN to working in the residential assisted living setting for 5 years.


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Family Assisted Living
2948 Routt Circle
Lakewood, CO 80215
(720) 933-1279

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